Your Memory : How It Works and How to Improve It. Kenneth L. Higbee

Your Memory : How It Works and How to Improve It
ISBN: 1569246297,9781569246290 | 288 pages | 8 Mb

Your Memory : How It Works and How to Improve It Kenneth L. Higbee
Publisher: Da Capo Press

Therefore improving recall Higbee, Kenneth L., Ph.D.: Your Memory, How it Works & How to Improve It. The more you know about your memory, the better you'll understand how you can improve it. It might be that you're just using your memory inefficiently. Here's a basic overview of how your memory works and how aging affects your ability to remember. The good news is that it's all possible. Study less and get better grades? Remember the names and faces of people you meet? Are you one of those people that wants to understand your memory, how it works and how to improve it? Work more efficiently at your job? The root of the problem might actually not be a built-in genetic inability to memorize things, but rather problems in the recall phase when you are frantically digging your memory to find the thing(s) you stored earlier. I have better uses for my memory. I did a learn a system for numbers, which did work, but it's too easy to look things up on my cell phone or computer. The way in which the drug works in our brain has turned out to be mystery for everyone. Mnemonic devices work for memory in much the same fashion as shorthand works for writing. A number of effective techniques exist that will help you improve your memory so you can bring information to mind with ease. Memory is a complex function of the brain but in general terms this is how your memory works.

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